SofTech started in the early 80's as we recognized the need for providing decision makers with valuable information and system management software to help them easily and securely run their businesses.

Our mission is to provide our customers with innovative, effective, and integrated complete solutions that would help effectively running and effectively manage their businesses.

Our target is to offer our complete solution software to all business sectors, starting from governmental organizations, large sized and multi branches businesses, and ending with smallest business running standalone PC.

Our quality is that our "Smart Packages" are efficient, rigid, and robust, secured and provide high level of performance against real life conditions.

Our policy is to invest in the preparation, study, and testing at our packages, passing through:


  • Market survey of the target audience and market needs.
  • Market survey and close monitoring of the state of the available solutions (if any).
  • System analysis through binding closely to a leading entity in the field of interest, collecting all customers needs requests and difficulties.
  • System design.
  • System development through a small skillful crew, preserving quality as the major determinant, and utilizing state of the art professional development tools and databases.
  • Quality control and "Beta" testing to assure maximum level of smooth, stable and bugs-free operation of the software.
  • Implementation of the software at the leading entity.
  • Close monitoring and follow-up for the software package under real life conditions at the worst case scenario environment.
  • Evaluation of the software, enhancements, fixations...etc. are applied till the software package is proven to pass our QC requirements and to satisfy our standards.

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