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SofTech Smart Business

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Pharmacy business involves more complexities now rather than just prescriptions. Retailers now depend more on the front of store retail operations for maintaining handsome profit margins and meeting the growing expectations of customers. SSB Pharmacy retail software is designed to help the pharmacies in improving and streamlining the retail operations.

  • Multi branch management
  • Purchasing optimization to help you make smart purchasing.
  • Targeted and profitable loyalty program.
  • Inventory for lower costs and better sales opportunities.
  • HRM , CRM , Accounting , Fixed asset and More ...


SOFTECH SMART BUSINESS is an ERP , not just a Retail Software.

SofTech Smart Business Light

The best solution for small and single retail business.

SofTech Smart Business MINI

The best solution for Medium and Multi branch retail business.

SofTech Smart Business Pro

The best solution for Enterprises Business.

SofTech HITs

Cloud and Web ERP solution for Small , Medium And Enterprises Business.

SofTech Announcement

SofTech Smart Business Version 8 End of Life

SofTech are announcing the end of life for Version 8 on June 30, 2021.

SofTech are committed to any support contract signed with the customer for Version 8.

SofTech is pleased to announce the stable version 9.1 of SofTech Smart Business.

SofTech is pleased to announce the stable version 9.2 of SofTech Smart Business.

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